Couples Therapy in Puerto Vallarta or Online

It helps couples who love each other but their relationship for one reason or another is not satisfactory. Through therapy, couples can overcome the crisis, resolve conflicts, improve communication, and reinforce the positive aspects of their relationship.

Stop Struggling in your relationship and start healing today.

Relationship problems can be very complex. Couples commonly wait until problems are well established in the relationship before seeking help.

Having an objective professional perspective may be all it takes to open up communication and heal the relationship. Other times you need to work more deeply to reconnect your partner and find balance in your relationship.

  • Both or one partner is constantly dissatisfied with some aspect of the relationship, whether internal or external.
    There are communication problems: when talking or discussing an issue turns into constant fights.
  • They have already tried various ways to solve their problems,  advice from friends, family or others does not help them improve.
  • If the idea of breaking the relationship is going through your head, but at the same time you want to recover the relationship or make a conscious decision about your relationship.
  • If they decided to separate and want to do it in a civilized way (especially when there are children), improving communication helps to make agreements.

The duration time depends on several factors, such as the problems to be addressed, the motivation of the members of the couple to therapy and to continue in the relationship, the personal characteristics of each one, etc.

Some situations are handled in a few sessions, while others may take longer, on average, couples are between 8 and 10 sessions.

In couples therapy, it is recommended that both attend, since the changes can be faster and more effective. Although it is common that someone does not want to attend, nevertheless the couple works as a system and any change that one member makes affects the other, which allows that when a person attends therapy they can make changes that affect in a positive way to the couple or family.

During couples therapy sessions, patients have the opportunity to express themselves freely with the help of a mediator, to clarify and avoid generating judgments or labels. Communication with both the partner and the psychologist is essential to find the origin of the problems and start solving them.

In all relationships, couples experience conflict even in those where the predominant feeling is love. Most relationships go through conflicts, dating, marriages, friends, etc. Therapy allows you to find resources to manage these conflicts.

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